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NHS AI Lab and Health Foundation workshop to inform new AI strategy

Q members with an interest in health care technology are invited to a workshop co-hosted by the NHS AI Lab and the Health Foundation to help inform the new National Strategy for AI in Health and Adult Social Care.

9 Nov 2021
13:30 – 15:00

Run virtually through Microsoft Teams

The NHS AI Lab is currently drafting a national strategy for the development, implementation, scaling and monitoring of AI-driven technologies in the UK’s health and social care system. You can read more about the AI Strategy on the NHSX website.

The Health Foundation is working with the NHS AI Lab to bring together people with relevant expertise and experience in quality improvement and data analytics to discuss the strategy. Any Q members with an interest in how AI technologies can be used to improve health and social care and who would like to contribute to the development of future national policy can get involved.

Through the workshop you will:

  • Discuss and provide feedback on the draft strategy, to ensure the strategy meets the needs of patients, NHS staff and wider society.
  • Share your views on how the strategy can best support quality improvement work.

Preparation for the workshop will involve reading a short note summarizing the draft strategy, along with a series of questions to be discussed.

This event will be run as a small focus group, so places will be limited. If you would like to take part, please email Tom Hardie, Improvement Fellow at the Health Foundation, as soon as possible to express you’re interested.

This workshop is for Q members. If you’re not a Q member, apply to join to access events like this in future.