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19 Mar 2019


Conway Hall, London

The Q Community’s Reimagining Health and Care special interest group (SIG) has partnered with the RSA to create this event for people who are reimagining our health and care systems – for example following the self-managed approach pioneered by Buurtzorg community nursing and Neighbourhood Midwives.

This will be an opportunity to bring together people from across the system including service providers; commissioners; regulators and others passionate about reimagining our systems and redesigning our services.

By exploring common challenges collectively, we hope this event will both help participants overcome some of their own barriers as well as stimulate future collaboration and partnerships.

This is an invitation to participate and share your experience with others. To help stimulate conversations we will have short contributions throughout the day on the following topics:

  • Radical Models of Organising – Helen Sanderson (Founder, Wellbeing Teams) and & Edel Harris (CEO, Cornerstone)
  • Radical Models of Public Services – Mark Smith (Director of Public Service Reform, Gateshead Council)
  • Radical Models of Commissioning – Dr Toby Lowe (Senior Lecturer in Public Leadership and Management Northumbria University)
  • Radical Models of Regulation – Jeremy Cox (Director of Quality Improvement, CQC) & Helen Sanderson

Using the Action Café format there will be space for everyone to bring the themes and topics that are most important to them and their journey. As this event is about co-creating, please gift us with the answers to the three questions in the registration process. This is how you can help us see the bigger picture and identify common themes.

Q’s Reimagining Health and Care SIG will convene a Fishbowl at the event on ‘Radical Models of Leading and Learning’, hearing from leaders and practitioners about the opportunities – and the very real challenges – of these new ways of working.

We hope you can join us.

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Both are free to join.