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Need funding for an improvement idea? Learn how to access Q’s new £450k fund

An opportunity to learn more about the new £450k 'Q Exchange' fund

1 Mar 2018

Online meeting

In April, Q launches ‘Q Exchange’ (formerly Q Marketplace) which will offer the chance to apply for grants of up £30k.

The Q community itself can help shape ideas and then select the successful projects through live voting at the UK Q community event on 19th September in Birmingham.

Anna Markland – from the team that is developing Q Exchange – will give an overview of the process, and then answer our questions.

Read more about Q Exchange online (including the eligibility criteria) and bring any questions you have (these will help us develop our FAQs page). Please invite SIG members and/or Q members in your regions/nations who you think might be interested.

Now is the time to start thinking about a project idea or find ideas that you would like to support. And from April, members will be able to post their ideas online for comment & help from the rest of the community.

**This meeting is for Q Connectors, Q SIG leads and Q regional Convenors.**