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Meeting our patients’ needs –Can Quality Improvement help us to match capacity and demand in General Practice?

Is it really possible to meet our patients' needs, maintain continuity, stay sane and get home on time? Find out how QI tools might help you get closer to achieving your aim.

12 Jan 2021
13:00 – 14:00


Matching capacity and demand is one of the big challenges that we encounter in in general practice. Getting it right is key to being able to run a practice efficiently, offer appropriate access and ensure good patient experience. With the introduction of a variety of different consultation types and with the emergence of new roles in primary care, this has become an even more complex issue.

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Joanna Bircher, GP and Clinical Director for the RCGP/Greater Manchester Clinical Excellence Programme, will talk us through how they used quality improvement tools to address some of the challenges of capacity/demand management in her own practice, and how this has led to improved patient experience.

This Zoom is open to all and organised by the Q Community’s Primary Care special interest group. All (including non-Q members) welcome to join the group here.

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