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Visit to the Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch – Managing Safety in Healthcare

Safety is everyone’s business in the NHS, so how can we learn to do it better? Hear about HSIB's journey so far and how they are improving patient safety.

6 Dec 2018


HSIB/Rail Safety Investigation Branch

The Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB) offers an independent service guiding and supporting NHS organisations on investigations and conducting safety investigations.

Much like members of Q, HSIB shares what it learns across the whole of the healthcare system, aiming to raise standards, improve patient safety and support learning.

At this visit members heard how system thinking is shaping new attitudes to safety and how HSIB is influencing this space. A key part of this learning comes from other safety-focused sectors such as rail and aviation and colleagues from the rail industry also joined this insightful and informative visit.


  • To gain an understanding of the purpose of the Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch and its impact on patient safety
  • To hear how learning from the transport industry’s safety investigation branches influenced the establishment of HSIB
  • To see and hear how national investigators are approaching patient safety investigations and considering the human factors impact and the role of patients/public
  • To have the opportunity to reflect on how learning can be applied in your own organisation

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