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What makes NHS Communities of Practice thrive? Lessons from the Scottish experience (web chat)

Join Dr Igor Pyrko to learn what makes some of Scotland's 100s of NHS Communities of Practice (CoPs) thrive and others struggle. This Zoom web meeting is organised by the Q community's Communities of Practice SIG.

27 Jul 2017

Online meeting

Time/Date: Thursday 27th July 4-5pm

Communities of Practice are increasingly (re-)emerging as a powerful way to share and improve our health practices, in the social context of a passionate and supportive community.

The speaker Dr Igor Pyrko wrote his PhD on “Thinking Together: Making Communities of Practice Work” – which looked in particular at the experience of the 100s of established Scottish NHS communities of practice.

Igor will look at what makes some of these Communities of Practice (CoPs) thrive, and others struggle – arguing that the collaborative process of ‘thinking together’ is what essentially brings CoPs to life and not the other way round. Trying to ‘set up’ a CoP, whilst neglecting the organic nature of their development, can lead to failure.

This interactive session will also be an opportunity to share your experiences, challenges – or just questions – about Communities of Practice.

The meeting is organised by the Q Community’s Communities of Practice special interest group (SIG), which is convened by Ann Abbassi, and is open to everyone with an interest in CoPs.

**To register for 27th July event please e-mail:**

You can also join the CoPs SIG’s online group; e-mail if you’d like to be invited.

The meeting will use the Zoom platform – and can be access by desktop, smartphone or phone.