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19 Mar 2021
12:30 – 14:00


Over the last few years, our popular Q Visits programme has offered Q members the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and insight into a range of improvement topics. From Joy in Work to Experienced-based Co-design, we have ensured a varied offering of site visits to enable community members to learn from others across different professional sectors and take knowledge back to their workplaces.

Whilst we’ve had to put Q Visits on hold due to COVID-19 restrictions, there’s a wealth of learning from previous events to be shared more widely with the community. Join us for the first of three online events where we’ll share practical learning from previous Q Visits.

With speakers drawing on experience from across the NHS, Save the Children and GSK, this session will explore how to harness the power of relational leadership. We’ll explore the importance of:

  • Personal change – How you relate to yourself and others greatly impacts the chances of success when improving systems and processes. We’ll explore personal change as a pre-requisite for change in others.
  • Communicating well – Communicating is not just about listening well and expressing yourself; it’s about developing powerful, visual, habits and routines. We’ll unpick how effective organisations don’t leave good communication to chance.
  • Considering who owns solutions – Whether you’re designing solutions for people, designing with people, or applying behavioural techniques to encourage better outcomes, an understanding of how to engage people through change is at the heart of what we’ll be examining.
  • Leading visibly – It’s probably intuitive that highly visible leaders who role model learning and improvement are the most effective. But how do successful organisations ensure such leadership happens? We’ll share their secrets.

You’ll also have the chance to connect with fellow community members in the session to discuss what you’ve heard and how it can be applied to challenges in your work.

We hope to see you there!


Please note: this session will be recorded.



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