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‘Learning from Excellence’ – Dr Adrian Plunket: Hosted by Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

‘Safety in healthcare has traditionally focused on avoiding harm by learning from error. This approach may miss opportunities to learn from excellent practice. Excellence in healthcare is highly prevalent, but there is no formal system to capture it. We tend to regard excellence as something to gratefully accept, rather than something to study and understand. Our preoccupation with avoiding error and harm in healthcare has resulted in the rise of rules and rigidity, which in turn has cultivated a culture of fear and stifled innovation. It is time to redress the balance. We believe that studying excellence in healthcare can create new opportunities for learning and improving resilience and staff morale.’

19 Nov 2020
12:00 – 14:00


MS Teams Live Event - Webinar

MS Teams LIVE Event – Webinar
Inviting anyone with a passion for quality improvement in healthcare.
Dr Adrian Plunkett discussing ‘Learning from Excellence – Hosted by Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
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