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Learning from Excellence: A National Quality Improvement Team’s Story

Jonathan O'Reilly shared how he transformed reporting from 'Datix to GREATix' in a Scottish mental health project.

8 Feb 2022
13:00 – 14:00

Following on from the recent Learning from Excellence 4 conference this Learning from Excellence (LfE) session shared practical steps you can take to start and how this approach links to Safety-II.

We heard about the work of the Mental Health Improvement Portfolio (MHIP) in Healthcare Improvement Scotland from Q member Jonathan O’Reilly. Jonathan covered the practical steps the team have taken to move ‘from Datix to GREATix’ as a way of formalising positive feedback, how it has boosted staff well-being and what they have learned so far. Learn more about GREATix.

We shared other examples of how you can learn from what goes well in your system and how this approach aligns with the growing ‘Safety-II’ movement in patient safety.

Jonathan has supported teams to implement systems for learning from what goes well in healthcare systems through ‘GREATix’ and ‘save of the month’ and other approaches to boost team morale.

The one hour Zoom explored:

  1. Learning from Excellence/GREATix as a way to introduce Safety-II in your team
  2. The practical steps you can take to implement GREATix
  3. Participant discussion: an opportunity to discuss our experience LfE/GREATix

Watch the recording

Download the slides.

Download the Mindset template document

Download the Achieving sustainable change document