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Inclusive QI: lessons from the emerging UCL Centre for Co-production in Health Research – 12.30pm

Niccola Hutchinson-Pascal will share the inspiring co-production journey of building the coming UCL Centre for Co-production in Health Research. This is a meeting of Q's Coproduction Special Interest Group.

17 May 2018

Online (Zoom call)

The pioneering new UCL Centre for Co-production in Health Research is currently being developed by an enthusiastic and diverse group, including local community members, researchers, patients, carers and clinicians.

Niccola Hutchinson-Pascal (Project Manager, UCL Centre for Co-production in Health Research) will share how the centre is being co-produced – so far by using a series of ‘Expert Advice & Ideas’ sessions. (Please register for the Zoom call here).

“Our vision is for a Centre which champions co-production and new ways of working with people and communities in health research with a particular focus on addressing the needs and priorities of less often-heard voices,” says Niccola.

“We hope that the Centre will result in new thinking, methods and approaches to support the development of interventions that will result in better health and social care for all.”

“We are working together to establish the principles that we want to live by – no power imbalances, open and accessible to all, always working together to challenge stereotypes and bring about lasting change! It is about quality of life! Not disease specific focus.”

The vision is that the centre will ultimately deliver a series of products or interventions that result in new treatments and better health and social care.

The Centre aims to reflect, evaluate and feed its learning back into the healthcare sector, to assist in revolutionising the way the health and social care research sectors operate.

Join the Q Coproduction SIG to learn about the journey to build this inspiring centre – and to help Niccola to co-produce an inclusive and sustainable community network.

*Please register for the Zoom call here.*

Open to all.