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How to use Appreciative Inquiry to turn ‘excellence’ feedback into improvement – with Suzanne Quinney

In this session Suzanne Quinney shared how 'Appreciative Inquiry' can support Learning from Excellence improvement, Psychological Safety and more.

21 Jun 2022
13:00 – 14:30


Q’s ‘Learning from Excellence’ group welcomed Suzanne Quinney to share her deep expertise in using ‘Appreciative Inquiry’ with people to uncover the deeper discoveries – and dreams – first surfaced in the positive feedback gained from ‘Learning from Excellence’ reporting projects – and how this can then feed into service improvement.

Suzanne was joined by Gemma Crossingham, a leading figure in the Learning from Excellence community, and convener of Q’s Learning from Excellence SIG.

‘Appreciative Inquiry’ is increasingly used as the basis for building a structured learning process that supports Learning from Excellence’s positive incident reporting.

Including Appreciative Inquiry processes in any part of an organisation can also contribute to Psychological Safety.

Suzanne has worked on the West Midlands Academic Health Science Network’s award-winning Learning from Excellence/Appreciative Inquiry work and on numerous other projects. Bringing this approach into the NHS: “seems to resonate with so many staff across so many different organisations – enthusing people from far and wide – way broader than the West Midlands”, says Suzanne.

All welcome to join Q’s ‘Learning from Excellence’ group.

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