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How is Q’s impact being evaluated – in regions, and nationally? (Zoom video call 11 December, 1pm)

Join Q's Connectors network and others for discussion and learning about evaluating the impact of the Q Community - in regions and nations around the UK.

11 Dec 2018

Zoom call - online/phone (all welcome), 1pm

Join us to hear from Sophie Bland (West of England AHSN) about how she put together that region’s 23-page Q Annual Review 2017-2018, and how Q members and others responded. What elements of evaluation would the Q partner team and members in that region like to add in the future?

Our second speaker David Elder (Networks Advisor, Healthcare Improvement Scotland) will share learning from the recent review of the Scottish Q community.

Our third speaker is Natalie Creary (Evaluation and Insight Manager, Q) will share the key findings and lessons from the new report Q: The journey so far – Connecting improvement across the UK – insights and progress three years in.

Finally, Prof Tom Ling (RAND Europe) – who has led the external evaluation of Q – will also share his insights and experiences.

The Zoom call will include an opportunity for Q&A and discussion.

Do join us for what promises to be an illuminating and interesting discussion.

** Please register for this Zoom call here (to receive your personal log-in details):

This call is for the ‘Q Connectors’ network, though we will be joined by members of Q’s Evaluation special interest group (and others are welcome to join us, if this is a topic of interest).