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Stephen Swenen – Healthcare Improvement Scotland: QI Connect WebEx

TBC April 2017, Stephen Swenen



Our QI Connect WebEx series was established in 2014 at the request of clinicians working with us, who asked for an opportunity to learn from international leaders in the field of improvement and innovation. Using WebEx allows speakers to facilitate from their own desk, and clinicians to link in and learn from wherever they are.

We have had some truly amazing speakers to date, including; Don Berwick, Marshall Ganz, Professor Bob Wachter, Maureen Bisognano, Gary Kaplan… the list goes on!

Due to the calibre of our speakers, interest in the series has grown on a global scale, with over 470 organisations across 48 countries now linking in. Amazingly, from a small test of change at one university in Glasgow, we now have 43 universities linking in (from Dundee to Harvard!) bringing students together in classrooms to listen, learn and share.