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Greater Manchester Q Community Network ‘Book Club’

Health Innovation Manchester would like to offer the GM Q Community the opportunity to develop skills in horizon scanning, critical reflection and synthesis of knowledge into personal practice. Reflecting the aims of the Q Community to develop and inspire, innovate and problem solve; the network seeks to build skills that support a community who share, challenge and learn together.

12 Apr 2018



The Q Book Club aims to support the principles and practices of The Health Foundation’s prestigious Q Community; to encourage individuals to develop and inspire, innovate and problem solve.

Each event can be attended either as a group or as a standalone session .but we hope that you will be able to join all the events as this will help you and the community form and share in the spirit of all learn all share.
Over five standalone sessions, we’ll be taking a look at key quality improvement
literature to support improvement practitioners, hear from local and national
improvement leaders, and explore online tools to help members share discussion and apply learning across Greater Manchester and the wider UK community.

Each session is structured around:

Keynote with group discussion / plenary / Q&A
Book club (including reflection, evaluation & application)
Group review (including blog & storify to share learning)

Networking Lunch Included

· 12 April: Launch & Communication for Improvement
· 3 May: Influencing
· 28 June: Systems thinking
· 19 September: Resilience
· 14 November: Creativity