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8 Jun 2021
12:30 – 14:00


Enabling Quality Improvement in Practice (EQUIP) is a widespread, microsystem based interventional program aimed at making North East London the best place to work and receive care in the country – and in that order. Since EQUIP’s journey started in 2015, it has developed extensive experience in making mistakes, and in enabling success in general practice environments.

Its approach mirrors a growing tendency in the retail sector to focus on staff wellbeing as a consequence of the challenges brought on by online retail platforms – rather than focus on “delighting the customer”, the attention is now on “delighting your staff”, where delighted staff is more likely to delight customers than any other single intervention might, using an asset-based approach to support improvement at a practice and system level with an explicit focus on improving joy in work.

If you were unable to attend our event, you catch up with the recording below.

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