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Future Q – Prototyping the “Q Marketplace”

A hands on session to test and refine elements of the Q Marketplace idea while learning more about how to use prototyping approaches.

3 Nov 2017

The Health Foundation

As part of developing plans for the future of Q, we are piloting a “marketplace” through which Q members could propose, help shape and select projects to receive small scale grant funding. There are many aspects of this model that we need to refine – what should the application process look like? How might we display information about the projects online? What is the best way in which Q members can vote on the projects to fund? How can we use competition to catalyse new opportunities and connections, without damaging Q’s collaborative culture?

This objective of this session will be to reflect and build on ideas by prototyping different elements. It will enable participants to directly contribute to the design of the Q Marketplace process, as well as giving practical experience of a prototyping workshop. We will bring together people who are interested in collective decision making, design thinking and rapid testing.