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Future Q – member WebEx

Penny Pereira and Stacey Lally invited members of the community to join a WebEx to talk about our current plans for the long term model for Q.

9 Aug 2017

We have been working up up ideas for how we can build on Q, setting it up for the long term.

We’re developing a proposal for ways in which Q might introduce more substantial opportunities for members to get involved in work on a couple of key themes each year. This could be a way in which Q taps into deeper seams of new members and ideas. It will also help us understand and demonstrate the value that our collective wisdom and energy is bringing to the health and care sector, which in turn will influence the level of support we can command as a movement from organisation and national leaders.

Penny, Stacey and members of the community joined on a WebEx from 12.00pm – 1.00pm.

The WebEx was an opportunity for us to discuss our current plans with you. The agenda included:

  • Recap – where Q’s come from and what we are trying to do
  • Context – why we need to think about the future
  • What we’re hearing from members and others
  • Overview: how Q could grow and develop over the next 5-10 years
  • In more detail: key elements of our proposals
  • Getting your help with shaping the future

The audio from the WebEx is now available, along with the PowerPoint slides.