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Future plans for Q (Zoom video call, 27 Feb, 13.30)

Join the Q team to hear about the process we will be going through and our thoughts so far on the long-term strategy for Q and Q Labs.

27 Feb 2019

The Q team is working with members, partners and other stakeholders to develop plans for the next 5-10 years of Q – aiming to set it up to realise its full potential over the years ahead.

The process aims to design a sustainable model for Q, underpinned by a strong case for longer term support from the Health Foundation, using this as a platform to attract other sources of funding and support.

Success for this ‘future Q’ project will be a workable strategy for realising the founding ambitions for Q, updating these ambitions as relevant in response to discussion with members and stakeholders.

Building on what Q has achieved so far, the Future Q process will reflect our commitment to rigorous continuous learning and active collaboration and to thinking ambitiously about how to enable improvement in the health and care system across the UK.

Between now and the summer, the Q team will be working with funders, members and others to develop a strategy for the longer-term future of Q and Q Labs. This webinar will be an opportunity to hear about the progress we have made so far, where our thinking is and what is coming next in the process.