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Exploring Leadership in Healthcare with Google

The Northern Ireland Healthcare Leadership Forum (NIHLF) invite members to a free event exploring the what, why and how of Collective Leadership, following the recently published Collective Leadership Strategy in Northern Ireland.

6 Feb 2018


The NIHLF is a multi-disciplinary, student led society with the aim of inspiring the current and future NHS workforce to be innovative and lead positive change within the National Health Service. NIHLF organise events that give students, staff and patients the unique opportunity to engage in discussions about leadership and service delivery challenges, alongside the current leaders in healthcare. With nearly 1000 members and events with up to 200 attendees, the NIHLF are growing and encouraging collective leadership of the NHS.

This event will allow the audience to explore the what, why and how of Collective Leadership alongside an esteemed panel:

  • Mr Patrick Collister, Executive Creative Director of Google
  • Dr Cathy Jack, Medical Director of Belfast Trust
  • Mr Peter Lees, Chief Executive and Medical Director of the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management