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‘Exploring, enhancing and measuring the value of coproduction for improving the health and well-being of citizens’ with Prof Glenn Robert (Zoom video call, 11 Oct)

Prof Glenn Robert will share the latest cutting-edge research in co-production - a major international project involving Sweden's Jönköping Academy.

11 Oct 2019

Zoom video call - online/phone (all welcome) *1pm*

Prof Glenn Robert – Chair in Healthcare Quality and Innovation, King’s College London – is a pioneering voice in co-production and service improvement in the NHS, and co-developer of Experience-Based Co-Design (EBCD).

He will share his perspective as a key collaborator in a major new international study of co-production which aims to develop new models and support tools, as well as build capacity.

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The £2.3m 6-year research study is titled “Combining health and social care: exploring, measuring and improving co-production at national, regional and local levels” and led by Prof Sofia Kjellström of Jönköping Academy for Improvement of Health & Welfare, and its Centre for Co-production.

“The aim is to explore, enhance and measure the value of co-production for improving the health and social care of citizens and focus on three fundamental issues:
(a) measures of co-production processes and their outcomes
(b) mechanisms that enable inclusive and reciprocal co-production, and
(c) management systems and styles.”

Read more about the study here: (free access).

*This Zoom video call is organised by the Q Community’s Co-production group, which you can join here (open to all).