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Experience based co-design workshop

If you are interested in co-designing improvements with patients, service users and carers - book on to the Point of Care Foundation's latest EBCD open programme

1 May 2018


Hamilton House

Are you looking to improve delivery of a healthcare service to make it more responsive to what patients need and want?

This comprehensive one-day course teaches participants how to draw on the experiences of patients, carers and staff to identify where change is needed and then design and implement improvements together. Participants will gain a theoretical overview of the co-design method and practical instruction to enable them to lead a project of their own and to replicate and embed this approach in their own organisation. The course is led by expert trainers who have led co-design projects in the NHS and internationally.

The co-design improvement method can be applied to any service and is open to all those who would like to learn more about this patient-centred quality improvement methodology. We strongly encourage organisations to send two or more delegates, ideally including a patient participant/leader.

Participants will receive:
one day intensive training in the co-design methodology led by some of the top trainers and practitioners in the field;
tuition in how to capture the experiences of patients, carers and staff through discussion, observation, and filmed interviews;
access to real life examples of successful co-design projects;
practical instruction and exercises to prepare them for their redesign project;
comprehensive study materials and practical guidelines.