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“Everybody’s Business” – Quality management at an organisational level (Webinar 1)

The first in a mini-series taking a deeper look into Quality Management Systems. In this session we explored the stages of organisational maturity and how this can help you establish where to start with quality management.

24 Feb 2022
09:30 – 11:30


An infographic depicting the QMS triangle

Following on from an initial webinar held in September 2021, this is the first in a new series of four webinars designed to support Q members to develop a deeper understanding of Quality Management Systems.

Through an interactive session, with guest speakers Michael Canavan (Healthcare Improvement Scotland), Dr Amar Shah (East London Foundation Trust) and Dr Nicola Burgess (Warwick Business school), participants covered the following:

  • Understanding of the principles and mechanisms that organisations apply to deliver whole organisational quality management.
  • Recognising different levels of organisational maturity and to be able to assess their own organisation against these levels.
  • Considering “where to start?” through discussing and learning from others are different stages of organisational maturity.

Whole organisational quality management relies on the support of colleagues at all levels across an organisation. So for this webinar we encouraged participants to bring a colleague.

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  • 10:10 – Michael Canavan – Quality Management: A Healthcare Improvement Scotland Approach
  • 30:12 – Dr Amar Shah – Quality at an organisational level in ELFT
  • 47:18 – Dr Nicola Burgess – Antecedents of an improvement culture: Lessons from the NHS-VMI partnership

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Further webinars planned in the series are: