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Energise your work and connections: join the introductory 6-week ‘Working Out Loud’ Circle with Helen Sanderson

‘Working Out Loud’ can help you become more connected and effective – and feel better too – by building relationships and narrating your work: join the introductory 6-week Circle.

4-5pm Tuesdays, from 2nd July

Zoom call - online/phone (all welcome) *4pm (1 hour)*

People around the globe (including in health and care) are starting to use ‘Working Out Loud’ as a more energising, inspiring, connecting and collaborative approach to life and work.

When you Work Out Loud, you’re more effective because you have access to more people, knowledge, and opportunities that can help you. You feel better, too, because your bigger network of meaningful relationships give you a greater sense of control, competence, and connection. All of that leads to more motivation for individuals, and to more agility, innovation, and collaboration for an organisation”, says Working Out Loud pioneer John Stepper.

Helen will lead a 6-week introductory ‘Working Out Loud’ Circle – open to all – at 4-5pm on Tuesdays, starting on 2nd July (final session on 6 August). NB Don’t worry if you will have to miss a session or two – join in.

The group will be invited to a Slack group on 1st July, where they can share their goals and connect. The input for each session will be filmed and shared on Slack so that if you have to miss a week you can easily catch up.

The Circle will make use of Zoom and Slack (please send Matthew Mezey your e-mail address, if you’d like to join the Circle; these will be shared with Helen to invite you to join a Slack space and Zoom calls).

View Helen’s Q Community Zoom video talk on ‘Working Out Loud’ here: and slides here:

More about Helen
Helen Sanderson is CEO of Wellbeing Teams and uses #WOL to support her pioneering health and care work. (Wellbeing Teams are reinventing homecare, inspired by the Buurtzorg community nursing approach and the other self-managed organisations, as described in Frederic Laloux’s book Reinventing Organisations).