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Communities of Practice Leadership Programme

Want to be at the forefront of leading improvement in patient care? The Health Innovation Network (HIN) and Q’s Communities of Practice Leadership Development Programme will prepare you to successfully convene and facilitate Communities of Practice.

18 Jan 2019

Applications for this one year programme are now closed, the first module began on Friday 18 January 2019

Communities of Practice (CoP) are groups of people who share a passion for practice. They come together as peers in shared inquiry, learning from and with each other about what works, what doesn’t and why.

They share promising practices and know-how in pursuit of improving practice where they work and across the system, deepening capability and capacity for greater improvements in patient care.

Who is it for?

Whether you have been leading Communities of Practice to date, or would like to convene one in the future, all with a passion for improving care are welcome to apply.

This unique leadership programme is designed specifically for health and care professionals looking to develop collective leadership capability, who already have, or are planning to establish a CoP, where they can apply the learning from this programme. Participants should be in a position to provide leadership through the community to support improvements in outcomes for patients, residents or service users.

The programme is strongly based on practical experience and builds on successful CoPs currently hosted by the HIN and Q members. Participants will be able to place the experience of their own CoPs at the centre of every module, and will contribute to workshop content based on their own needs.

The course will be led by Cleo Butterworth, Q member and Associate Clinical Director for Patient Safety at HIN, who has been leading her own Community of Practice since 2016 and is currently supporting a number of Communities of Practice at the Health Innovation Network.

Eligibility criteria

  • You are leading or planning to lead a Community of Practice and you are an AHSN or Q member (applications to Q are currently open – apply here).
  • You have the support and commitment of your employing organisation and line manager to release you for module attendance and time to design and convene your own CoP meetings over the course of the programme. This will be a minimum of 10 days (5 of them at face to face training event; 5 of them working with your Community of Practice)
  • You can make all of the following modules in 2019: 18 January, 29 March, 7 June, 20 September, 22 November and the celebration event which is being held on the 17 January 2020.

For further information about the programme please visit the HIN website.

If you’re interested in a general course about developing effective networks for change and improvement (rather than the specifics of leading CoPs) you might also be interested in this online Source for Networks course, also starting in January.