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Advanced Measurement for Improvement & Mathematical Modelling

This event is for local Q members only

8th & 9th November 2016


Liberty Stadium Swansea (Sinclair Suite 1)

The aim of the day is to bring people from different professions and backgrounds together for the day and discuss topics that are relevant to them all. Antimicrobial stewardship is something that everyone is responsible for and we hope this event will encourage, raise awareness and promote a multi-facetted partnership to tackle the overuse of antibiotics whilst raising the profile of the Big Fight campaign.

The themes of the day will be focused around Antimicrobial Resistance and what we can do not only as professionals but as patients too. The day will also give people the opportunity to share views, discuss personal experiences and share best practice with an aim of developing new innovative ways of working that will benefit us and future generations.

Open to: Local Q members