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Action learning and collaboration around network weaving

Join this interactive session on network weaving where you'll explore the practice 'Peer Assist'

17 Aug 2022
16:30 – 17:30

  • Are you networking as effectively as meets your needs?
  • Are you looking to grow your network?
  • Are you having some challenges with networking and looking to learn from others?

We can all recognise the value of networks, however the term ‘network weaving’ may be new to some of us. This interactive session will be helpful to those who want to learn about network weaving, and a chance for network weavers to learn new skills.

Peer Assist

A core practice of a Community of Practice is the Peer Assist. This is where one individual, project group, or network has a challenge and seeks the thinking and advice of others in the Community of Practice. The process is:

  1. The individual or group presents their situation and the challenge it is facing.
  2. Those listening then ask clarifying questions which are answered.
  3. Those listening then provide ideas, questions, and suggestions; they suggest sources of information or other cases that may help the challenge group.
  4. The challenge group then responds.
  5. The listeners talk about how this gave them ideas for their own network or project.
  6. The entire group reflects on the session and insights gained.
  7. The group determines whether there are any next steps or whether they want to continue the discussion in any way.

While we may work in different settings, we may find we are facing similar challenges, and we may find this cross fertilisation of ideas helpful in whatever quality improvement goals we or our organisations are pursuing at present.

Read more about Peer Assist in June Holley’s article, the author of the ‘Network Weavers Handbook’. Our session will offer a safe space using Peer Assist as discussed in June’s article.

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