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‘Acting into an Emerging Future: Adaptive Space, Uncertainty and Innovating our Way Forward’ (1 Dec, 12.30)

An opportunity to share how we are trying to practice 'Complexity Leadership' and open up 'Adaptive Spaces' - in a time of unparalleled change and turbulence

1 Dec 2020
12:30 – 13:30

Zoom video call - online/phone (all welcome) *12.30pm*

How do we take action at a time of unparalleled change and turbulence? How do we navigate in the spaces between policy and rules on the one hand and creativity and experimentation on the other? What can we do to take action that helps us work better together, share great ideas, iterate and learn, and scale and spread to enable large scale change that can be supported at all levels?

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This will be an opportunity to look at the ‘theory as ideal’ of Adaptive Space and Complexity Leadership Theory as well as explore together how it plays out in practice, how do we adjust – as we undertake adaptive tasks like making connections, field testing ideas and seeking sponsorship and support.

It will be a chance for us to share how we ‘play in the pressures’, balance conflicting vs connecting, avoid the ‘brick wall’, engage adaptive tension and seek to create a supportive operational system that enables emergence.

Interested in finding out more?

Then join us for this conversation around using the work of Prof Mary Uhl-Bien on Adaptive Space and Network roles to do just that.

Organised by Q’s ‘Exploring Adaptive Space – community of practice‘.  All welcome to join.

Preparation before the Zoom
Here are some materials about Prof Mary Uhl-Bien’s work you can look at before the Zoom.

Three videos
If you’re new to Complexity Leadership/Adaptive Spaces, it’s best to start with the first one…
Prof Mary Uhl-Bien: How ‘Adaptive Spaces’ enable innovation in healthcare and beyond
Prof Mary Uhl-Bien: How to master the art of creating ‘Adaptive Spaces’
Mary Uhl-Bien in Conversation: COVID-19, complexity leadership and spread of innovation

Diane Ketley draws out some of the key learning from the 3rd video above (a conversation with Prof Mary Uhl-Bien) in a series of blogs here.
They include ‘COVID-19 Crisis: Creating Adaptive Spaces and Enabling the Spread and Adoption of Innovation‘ and ‘Why an ‘Enabling Leadership’ Style is Needed for Innovation, Spread and Adoption

A good overview article by Prof Uhl-Bien about how to create ‘Adaptive Spaces’, using Liberating Structures, Labs, Design Thinking, Positive Deviance etc: ‘Complexity Leadership Theory: Shifting from Human Capital to Social Capital