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1000 Lives Improvement Workshops & National Conference

Integrated care and the connections to make it happen

28 Jan 2017 – 29 Jan 2017


The Celtic Manor Resort

1000 Lives Improvement workshops and national conference
Tuesday 28 – Wednesday 29 March 2017
The Celtic Manor, Newport

Registration is open from the 31st January for the 1000 Lives Improvement workshops and national conference in March 2017!

We have an exciting schedule of speakers, sessions and activities planned for the National Conference – ‘Integrated care and the connections to make it happen’ on Wednesday 29 March. The event will bring together senior leaders and frontline staff to consider a more integrated, community-led approach to care in Wales as part of our prudent healthcare journey and the role of effective connections across people, pathways, systems and organisations to support NHS Wales to improve care delivery.

A number of themed workshops will also take place on Tuesday 28 March to complement the conference. These workshops offer conference attendees the opportunity to participate in their existing 1000 Lives Improvement communities of practice, study days or professional networks ahead of attending the national conference.

Prudent Healthcare: Falls Prevention for Older People
Invited attendees: Citizens and their Carers of older people, colleagues from Health, Social Care Public bodies and 3rd sector who work within a community setting within the Falls prevention Environment

Rapid Response to Acute Illness Learning Set (RRAILS) Study Day
Invited attendees: NHS clinicians, managers and senior leadership

National Safety Standards for Invasive Procedures (NatSSIPs)
Invited attendees: NHS executives with lead responsibility for NatSSIPs, consultants, theatre managers, patient safety leads, and associated partners.

Supporting NHS Wales Awards 2016 Finalists to Sustain Good Practice
Invited attendees: NHS Awards 2016 finalists and Quality Improvement leads

Safer Pregnancy Launch
Invited attendees: All stakeholders in maternity services

Safety and Quality in Primary Care
Invited attendees: Primary Care, Cluster leads, AMDs for Primary Care, MDs, previous attendees of primary care events.