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Process Management System and Continuous Improvement

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Culture of Continuous Improvement’s Documents | Process Management System and Continuous Improvement

I designed and implemented this Process Management System, incorporating Continuous Improvement (CI), some time ago (1974) when working in manufacturing. The system was designed to implement a ‘Process Approach’ to our business management. The process documentation set included all business and product/service specific processes. Initial implementation did require some printed documentation but current iterations are fully digital and accessed via intranet or internet. The process documentation includes text, images, video clips, voice recordings and links to relevant web pages. The items in red are new additions that are initial attempts to record and analyse ‘outcome’ in addition to the traditional measure of ‘output’.

Current improvement effort includes the application of Bayesian belief networks theory, knowledge management and a preventive action diagnostic (PAD). Current analysis is achieved by codification of input data these current improvements will enable analysis of text directly and reduce the need for codification.

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