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Network Weaving’s Documents | Tea times | Introducing Network Weaving + onboarding | Network Weaving 101 – introductory slides

Some slides that can be used for a first introduction to ‘Network Weaving’.

– Word-cloud of Network Weaving values
– Table contrasting ‘Organisational Leadership’ and ‘Network Leadership’

Discussion (4)

  1. Hi Rachel – I can make sure the slides are attached to that doc as we thought they were, but right now it seems to think you are editing it. Can you try saving the page, or cancelling – hopefully that will give me access.


  2. Hi Rachel – I’ve got back in now, and have added the ‘Network-Weaving-101-introductory-slides.pptx’ slides as an attachment.

    They’re a great way to start with a group who are mostly new to ‘network weaving’ (you’d need to adapt them to your own org slightly).

    Let me know if you can’t see them. Not sure how they managed to go awol… 😉



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