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Reimagining Health and Care’s Documents | 'Buurtzorg - Learning Report' (AQuA, Dec 2019)

This 19-page report describes the AQuA Buurtzorg Programme, to support teams to pioneer the Buurtzorg model in the North West.

It shares many great insights about the expectations, learnings and actions, and challenges/risks, resulting from this programme of training, including a visit to Buurtzorg. The progress of teams in Manchester, the Wirral and East Cheshire are discussed (though the Manchester team dropped out, as there were too many structural changes going on across the Manchester footprint at that time).

One interesting takeaway was how the fears and challenges around assurance frameworks that were a widespread concern at the start of the programme were gone after the study tour visit to Buurtzorg.

The key challenge – predictably? – was allowing teams to be fully self-led, as a half-way doesn’t work: “you cannot be partly pregnant”.

Connections were also made to Scotland’s Neigbourhood Teams.

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