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An outline of who we are following on from all our conversations to date.


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  1. Thanks Naomi for sharing the This is Us document. From the first conversation I had with Vardeep last year there was a spark of an idea to emulate what the NIHR CAHPR Research champions network were doing successfully for QI. I have pinched with pride some of their core aims and tweaked to share some ideas
    – The aim to encourage AHPs to become QI active
    – Engage in QI and share work with others who have a shared purpose
    – Participate in local /regional/national QI initiatives
    – AHPs into Action AHPs can lead change priority one
    – Act as super-connectors
    Our Q community forum group provides opportunities for sharing, training, guidance and mutual support and to influence and strengthen AHP engagement.

    I am keen that it includes QI at all levels

    How do we use this network to do this?
    I have been thinking about this and engaged in my first Q Community group zoom interaction last night which I found really interesting and ticked the opportunity to share, guide, offer support brilliantly.

    I wanted to share link to some HEE resources that may give ideas about the HOW
    The knowledge mobilisation framework provides a range of tools that can help facilitate learning
    I think approaches below that feature within it may provide some ideas
    – building a community of practice
    Randomised coffee trials
    – Knowledge cafes
    -Creating knowledge assets

    Interested to know if anyone else has ideas on the how that tech enabled could be achieved at distance for the many t participate?

    • Hi,
      I think ‘Randomized Coffee Trials’ would be relatively easy to facilitate using something like Skype, you’d just need a central point to do the ‘connecting’. We could all perhaps agree to assume this role on a quarterly to six months basis?

  2. Hi, sorry for the very late response to this, but I just wanted to say thank you for doing this I think it looks great!
    I am making a belated new years resolution to connect with this group more often, as I am genuinely excited by the growing momentum within it.
    Thanks Helen

  3. I am also a belated to this – it looks like a really good forum and very important to facilitate AHP involvement in PHC QI initiatives
    I will look out for opportunities to connect with the group and hope to meet some of you virtually at some point. Did anything happen about the skype meetings

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