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Women’s Health

Special Interest Group

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About this group

This group aims to:
– Oversee QI projects within the women’s health domain and help Health Foundation to facilitate wider dissemination of approved projects.

Provide strategic insights, planning to address unmet needs of women, through the following paradigms:
1. Tackling violence against women (VAW)- outlines the scale of the problem and the associated consequences of miscarriage, pre-term birth and unplanned pregnancies.
2. Cancer in women- preventable risk factors and differences in rates amongst more deprived population, and highlights the role of health professionals in helping women to recognise signs and symptoms of cancer.
3. Reproductive Health and wellbeing- Current indicators of reproductive health are not adequate for measuring reproductive wellbeing at population level. New measures are being developed but further work is needed to evaluate and implement them.
4.   Integrated system for maternal-post reproductive health- designing an improved quality of care from pre-conception, during pregnancy, birth and postpartum, especially for women from deprived population, language barriers and multiple co-morbidities for pelvic organ dysfunction.
5.      Increase the use of technology to improve quality and access to healthcare.

The SIGs convenors are David Lissauer (Maternal Global Health);  Srdjan Saso (Gynaecological Oncology and Surgery, Oncofertility, Ultrasound);  Osama Naji (Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights); Rufus Cartwright (Pelvic Floor Disorders); Tom Bourne (Chair).

This group is convened by Osama Naji, MD MRCOG

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