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Video consultations: how to set them up well, fast?

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  • Hello all, I wanted to share this whitepaper on Redesigning Patient Care with Virtual Consultations.
    It’s the result of a comprehensive research study considering the opportunities presented by the adoption of virtual consultancy to transform…Read more

  • The findings from this research very much chimed with our own findings and positioning in Scotland.

    A mix of in-person and remote physio “safe and acceptable”
    Mix of in-person and remote physio “safe and acceptable” (

  • Remote consultations: Do they reduce greenhouse bas emissions? Your guide to calculating the answer.
    Do remote consultations reduce greenhouse gas emissions? | Q Community (

  • Thanks. Be useful to keep in touch over this. I will be sure to share your insights with Marc Beswick and the team. It

  • The latest development from work in Scotland on video consultations

    New virtual group therapy platform a ‘game-changer’ for Scottish healthcare
    The new feature, which is available for use across local health boards, social care services, and the wider public sector, enables providers to host ‘virtual clinics’ with up to 30 patient…Read more

  • A couple of updates
    This work in Wales where they have set up a community hub – similar to work being progressed in Scotland
    And they also have introduced a new role

    Brecon and Radnor Reporter (North Powys Wales), 25th January
    A new service designed to help people attend online video healthcare…Read more

  • Report on the Findings of the First National Evaluation of the use of Video Enabled Health Care in Ireland, July 2021

    Only just received this but interesting with many synergies with Scottish Evaluations. Still to digest but this jumped out:
    “Responses indicate that many healthcare professionals experienced advantages to using virtual platforms…Read more

  • On Wednesday 1st December 2021, 1-2pm, the Health Innovation Network will be hosting the webinar – Remote Consultations in Mental Health: Innovation in Practice. South West London and St George’s NHS Mental Health Trust, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust and Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust will come together to share their innovative…Read more

  • Following on from Maimie Thompson’s post about independent research into Scotland’s approach to expanding Video consultations; delighted to see J Med Internet Res published have published my letter response to this article as a preprint (pending peer review).

    Probably of most interest to this group is t…Read more

  • IHI White Paper:
    Telemedicine: Ensuring Safe, Equitable, Person-Centered Virtual Care
    IHI have developed a framework for ensuring safe, equitable, person-centered telemedicine, focusing on three aspects of quality. Importance of co-design and offering choice/preferences highlighted.

    Work based on a panel from across the world including Q member…Read more

  • Hi all,
    I have been involved with the Remote Consultations in Mental Health project with the HIN, South London ARC, SWLSTGs, Oxleas, SLaM, King’s Improvement Science and MHPRU. We have an upcoming webinar on 27th October around Promoting the Patient Voice in Remote Consultations and would like to invite you to join.

    Please register here…Read more

  • Great to see the latest published independent research into Scotland’s approach to expanding Video consultations at pace and scale.

    J Med Internet Res 2021;23(10):e31374

    Conclusion from Paper
    The national-level groundwork before the pandemic allowed many services to rapidly extend the use of video consultations during the pandemic, supported by…Read more

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About this group

In response to Covid-19, the health system plans to rapidly expand the use of video consultations.

The aim of this group is to share practical learning, tips and challenges when introducing this complex service change, and to learn from existing evidence.

We want this space to be helpful in progressing your work, rather than competing with it.

This group is convened by Jo Scott

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