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Measurement for Improvement

Special Interest Group

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Are you interested in how we can make the best use of data to inform decision-making and take appropriate action?  Are you frustrated that two point comparisons and RAG reports continue to dominate much of the analysis undertaken within the NHS?  Would you like to become part of a growing movement of people who are promoting the benefits of looking at data over time and using control charts to understand variation and the impact of interventions?

If so, you may like to join the virtual ‘Measurement for Improvement’ community – already 700 strong.  Members come from a wide range of backgrounds – analysts, clinicians, people involved with quality improvement and front-line staff.  We have a Kahootz site that brings together existing guidance, analytical templates and academic publications in one place.  There are active discussion threads, people are sharing knowledge and experience and seeking support from other members of the community.

E-mail Samantha Riley to join.

This group is convened by Thomas Woodcock

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