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  • I prodded Mary again, and this time she responded immediately 🙂

    She’s keen to try to fit in a Zoom this year. Hopefully we can get a day sorted (late Nov/early Dec?)

    • Ah, the 29th Nov – which we’d talked about – is Thanksgiving weekend, so need to go for the week after.
      But not 2nd Dec, as there’s a couple of Zooms that day, Prof Naomi Fulop and probably Hugh McCaughey (NHSI) too, possibly even at the same time…

  • Dear all,

    Matthew and I are planning to ask Mary to host another webinar on Adaptive Space for us. As this will be an opportunity to build on her previous webinar for Q we were wondering what particular questions or topics would we want Mary to explore?

    My own bid would be for how her work on Complexity Leadership Theory can be applied in…Read more

  • Thomas John Rose posted an update 5 months ago

    I’m just exploring the similarities between a ‘quality circle’ and an ‘adaptive space’, or one form of an adaptive space. All part of my ‘back to basics’ research.


    • I guess Adaptive Space can be an umbrella for so many things – from Liberating Structures to Design Thinking to Labs to… And I’m pretty sure when Mary spoke with Q that we talked about Communities of Practice with her too, and she agreed it was a good example.
      The next step might be around working what the the strengths and weaknesses of…Read more

  • This little free network roles assessment is great way to dig into some aspects of Prof Mary Uhl-Bien’s model:

    Try it! 🙂

  • I have a question for Gareth in particular. If I want to get deeper into understanding Glenda Eoyang’s Human Systems Dynamics (which is complementary to Mary’s Adaptive framework), is there one of these books you’d particularly recommend:

    * Coping With Chaos: Seven Simple Tools, Glenda H Eoyang Ph.D.
    * Influencing Patterns For Change:: A Human…Read more

    • Hi Matthew,

      I’ve not read the first book although I know its an early one and probably not altogether reflective of where Glenda’s thinking is now at, so not the one I’d recommend…

      The second book is a nice, short intro to HSD concepts and a few tools and was the one I started with – just enough theory to get into a HSD space with some tools…Read more

      • Thanks for such clear sharing about them all 🙂
        I’m feeling quite tempted by the final once, which I didn’t know about, ‘Facilitating Organisational Change’. But will poke around on Amazon and see what’s a available (at what cost).

        Mary Uhl-Bien has a few books about Complexity leadership, I think. But the best one I’ve spotted about Adaptive…Read more

  • Not sure if you’ll all know this, but Mary Uhl-Bien has said she’d be happy to do a second Zoom video call with Q – perhaps to get deeper into the nitty-gritty of it all.
    Her first video is currently the second most popular on Q’s new-ish YouTube channel:
    Do have a look if you’ve not already seen it.

  • Hi @gareth-evans and @thomasjohnrose – and our new joiners @nathalie-delaney, @grahamgardiner and @jaqualinelindridge

    I hope you’ve all been having a good summer (I’m missing the sun of Turkey – but perhaps ever more so the aubergines, tahini and gozleme/pancakes!).

    As agreed in our first chat, I’ve (with some difficulty!) managed to track down…Read more

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About this group

This group is for people interesting in understanding and applying Prof Mary Uhl-Bien’s framework of ‘Adaptive Spaces’ and ‘Complexity Leadership’.

Mary explains the crucial role of ‘Adaptive Spaces’ in enabling change and innovation in healthcare in this Q Zoom video: – and in this article. They are what enable organisations to act in a more agile way, like complex adaptive systems.

This group is convened by Gareth Evans

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