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Exploring Adaptive Space – community of practice

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  • The ‘Supporting Q Connections’ fund is offering up to £20k for Q SIGs to support their learning, events, network development, conveners etc.

    Is there something this SIG might want to do? @GarethEvans
    I’m sure you can think of some great things to do…

    For more info and to join the workshop next week to find out more, and start thinking about po…Read more

  • Dear All, Our team at the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare are starting a sustainable QI ‘train-the-trainers’ course and need a marking matrix for teaching observations that scores both facilitation skills/skills at creating a ‘thinking’ or ‘adaptive’ space, and teaching of QI skills. If you know of an example of such a matrix, even if it…Read more

  • I’m sure that a board could be a useful tool for use in an adaptive space or CoP. Has anyone tried it?

    • Hi Thomas,

      I’ve been part of ASs where we’ve used Miro both during (individual and small group activities – data gathering, anecdote sharing and data clustering – themes, associations between ideas and general sense-making) and after the session (reflections, emergent connections and associations after the event, ongoing discussions and…Read more

  • Matthew Mezey posted an update 8 months ago

    ** Q Liberating Structures user group meet-up – join us on Nov 4th **
    I hope you can join us next week. Our current plan is to use ‘1-2-4-All’ to look at what we’d most like our ‘hybrid’ working future to look like – and then try out a novel ‘Motive-voting’ method to both to prioritise what we come up with together, but also to understand more a…Read more

  • Gareth Evans posted an update 8 months ago

    Hi all,

    Just wondering if its time to organise another community conversation? An opportunity to reflect together on how we see and use the idea of adaptive spaces in our own organisations and networks?

    Let me know if you’e interested and we can find a time to meet..

    In the meantime I came across these from Sonja Blignaut and thought they…Read more

    • Hey Gareth, I’m keen to support this community convo, I can set up a zoom and help with invitations.

      Oh here’s an experiment that I’ve been running in a couple of SIGs with success: why don’t you tag a couple of people who might be interested (if you write @ you’ll see the tagging system popping up) — and if you’re one of the tagged people r…Read more

      • Hi Joriam,

        Thanks for the offer of support – that would be really helpful. I can see Lou and Matthew have expressed an interest so far… and will try the @ idea for future posts, like that one..

    • I see Joriam’s already popped in with some good advice 🙂

      Another session would be great to organise!

      i was just in a Zoom with Michael Arena – the author of ‘Adaptive Space’ (great book btw!).
      He’s now at Amazon Web Services. interestingly Amazon found that almost all of their teams are either ‘Bonding’ teams, or ‘Bridging’ teams (and they…Read more

    • I would like to learn more about this so would like to join a discussion 🙂

      • Hi Lou,

        That’s great… we’ll look to get something set up. In the meantime I’d signpost you to the following short videos we recorded (if you haven’t already seen them) that set out the basics of Adaptive Space, and then also check out Diane’s blogs for more info too over here…Read more

    • Hi, yes please I would like to know more about this too.

    • I’d really like to be part of this

  • Hi I wanted to let you know about a new NHS England and Improvement publication produced by the NHS Horizons team: ‘Leading the Spread and Adoption of Innovation and Improvement: A Practical Guide’. The publication is practice-focused with lots of guidance, resources and case studies to help increase the scale and pace of the spread and ado…Read more

  • Matthew Mezey posted an update 10 months ago

    **Reminder** ‘Systems Convening’ book launch tomorrow

    Adaptive Space pioneer Prof Mary Uhl-Bien recommends the book in her foreword comment. Hope you can join us tomorrow!
    More info:

    ‘Systems Convening’ book launch webinar – 2nd September (2pm)

    Join ‘Communities of Practice’ pioneers Etienne and Beverley Wenger-Trayner for the launch of their…Read more

  • Matthew Mezey posted an update 11 months ago

    ‘Systems Convening’ book launch webinar – 2nd September (2pm)

    Join ‘Communities of Practice’ pioneers Etienne and Beverley Wenger-Trayner for the launch of their new book ‘Systems Convening – a crucial form of leadership for the 21st century’, which features the work of a number of Q community convenors.

    More info and link to book: https://q…Read more

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About this group

This group is for people interesting in understanding and applying Prof Mary Uhl-Bien’s framework of ‘Adaptive Spaces’ and ‘Complexity Leadership’.

Mary explains the crucial role of ‘Adaptive Spaces’ in enabling change and innovation in healthcare in this Q Zoom video: – and in this article. They are what enable organisations to act in a more agile way, like complex adaptive systems.

This group is convened by Gareth Evans

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