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  • Can you take a look at our Q Exchange bid which encompasses systems leadership of Qi to enable Joy In Work and let me know your thoughts please. I feel so passionate about the Joy in Work Framework and really want to use QI to enable the growth of Joy in work.…Read more

  • Hi all,

    How’s it going? There are just a few days left to refine ideas. Does anybody need any help or want to share their learning so far?

    • Hi Anna
      Just wonder if quantity of feedback on the Q idea page would be used to judge engagement. One of the feedback we had from previous year was there s a lack of conversation recorded on the idea page. We’ve received a few comments but alot of conversations also took place on our existing mailing list and not recorded on Q. Would this be a…Read more

      • I’m not sure about this Isabel. Maybe Rosie will be able to help us out on this one and share her thoughts?

      • Isabel, Looking at some of last year’s winners it’s not considered – but I think it should be!

      • Hi Isabel and Thomas,

        The number of comments on an idea page is not an assessment criteria so there is not target number to aim for. There are however a couple of relevant assessment criteria to take into consideration shared below (all criteria can be seen in the applicant guidance document…Read more

    • Thanks Anna. I’ve had some very supportive and helpful comments on my two ideas but a few more would be nice just to help with the final update to the idea page. Here they are if anyone would like to…Read more

    • It’s great that you have had some helpful feedback Tom. If anyone in the group has any thoughts then please do post them on Tom’s pages I’m sure this would be supportive.

  • Betty-Sue Smith posted an update 3 months ago

    Hi everyone

    We have received a few queries about the character counts on the idea pages.

    Many of the questions on the form have a character count, varying form 20 characters to 1000 characters, these all include spaces.

    Please note that in order to convert your idea into a proposal, your responses to each question will need to be within these…Read more

  • Emma Adams posted an update 3 months ago

    Hi everyone. We have finally got the detail up on our Q Exchange project Improving Improvement: co-designing a systems approach to managing complexity in Healthcare Improvement – building on the landmark report, Engineering Better Care. Please take a look and give us feedback.

  • Anna Burhouse posted an update 3 months ago

    Hi all,

    Thanks to those that joined us on the webinar last week. You’ll see the link has now be shared.
    There were some great conversations about how to make QI fun, how to get engagement and about leadership. With the end of July deadline looming for Q Exchange ideas does anyone need any practical help or support from the group? Best wishes

    • Hi Anna

      Do you have any advice on the financial budget planning? Anything deserve extra attention or we should be aware of?

      Regarding the proposal, what are the “marking criteria” from experience of 2018 shortlisting?

      Many thanks

      • Hi Isabel,

        I would try and be realistic about your budget and not underestimate how much time it can take to get a new idea off the ground. From my experience I would think about:
        Design and development
        Programme, patient and clinical leadership
        Engagement and communications
        Dissemination of results and sharing of…Read more

      • Hi Isabel,
        Please take a look at the Q Exchange 2019 Application guidance document for the eligibility and assessment criteria.

        People assessing proposals in the shortlisting phase will be using the same criteria as you can see in the application guidance.

        Page 6-8 explains the eligibility criteria including what funding can and cannot be used…Read more

    • Thanks Rosie, I missed the convert button at the bottom of the idea page earlier! All good now!

  • Betty-Sue Smith posted an update 3 months ago

    Thank you to everyone who joined the webinar yesterday.

    For those of you who couldn’t make it, the recording is now available to view, along with a link to download the slides.

    Webinar: Building improvement capabilities across boundaries

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This group is open to anyone interested in discussing, exploring and collaborating on project ideas for the Q Exchange 2019 theme, “Building improvement capabilities across boundaries”

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