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  • William Bostock posted an update in the group Mental health and persistent pain 7 months ago


    I’m Will Bostock GP and director of Cambridge Progressive Medicine. I have recently started on the NHS clinical entrepreneurs’ scheme and am developing a project which aims to create a structured primary care programme that explores health beliefs as a direct therapeutic target. It is designed to address mental and physical health in a single intervention, and focuses on mind:body interaction and health education regarding the psycho-social-spiritual determinants of health.

    The concept is to use F2F clinician time in conjunction with a digital resource (The Cambridge Progressive Medicine Podcast) to maximise impact and create a cost-effective resource deliverable within the NHS. We are also developing a digital ACT resource to sit alongside the health education material (cf the new NICE guideline which recommends ACT for primary pain, despite this not being widely available in many areas).

    We are in the processes of creating a group of likeminded clinicians with an interest in this area to help shape the programme, and I would love to hear from anyone who is interested in being involved. We are holding an initial meeting over Zoom at 9am on Monday 14th June.

    For more information you can visit the website:
    A 3-minute video pitch for the project can be found here:
    A recent Q-community webinar which describes the background for this project is available here:

    I look forward to hearing from you,

    • Hello Will, I am very much interested in taking part in your programme. As a mental health practitioner for over 15 years and someone who suffers with long term pain management I look forward to contributing in anyway possible.

    • Hi Will, I’d be interested to know more about this. Reducing opiate prescribing in chronic pain is high up the agenda but I am concerned about ensuring we can offer people an alternative to support with their self-management.

      • Hi Sonal,
        Thank you for your interest. Yes it is certainly a challenge. The new NICE guidance recommends very little for primary pain, but we may feel pressure to prescribe when it feels like there is no good alternative. There is, however, a mounting body of evidence for successful interventions focused on health education and alternative therapies, although often these are only available in the private sector. We are trying to put together a group of HCP from all disciplines with an interest in mind:body and holistic approaches, to think about how we can best deliver this approach in the NHS setting. I don’t think we have any pharmacists yet. For anyone who is interested in being involved drop me an email at