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General Practitioner

Will Bostock

Cambridge Progressive Medicine.

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I am a GP with an interest in lifestyle medicine, wellbeing and the interaction between mental and physical health, which I do not believe can be separated. I also have an interest in the medicalisation of “normal” human experience and how this can itself impact our health. I am interested in functional symptoms and illness, and health anxiety.

I believe that the major determinant of our health is our lifestyle, and our lifestyle is determined by the thoughts that we think, by our world view or “script”.

If we want to make positive changes in our lives, we must first change our script. But this is no simple task.

I am interested in how we can positively impact our patients, communities, colleagues and ourselves within the confines and restrictions of limited NHS resources and 10-minute consultations.

I have been developing a podcast series which aims to explore health beliefs and empower people to take control of their own health and happiness. I explore the concept that health is a complex rather than a complicated system, the limitations of western medicine, and the importance of wellbeing. A key concept is accepting appropriate responsibility for our own thoughts, feelings and actions, out of compassion and without blame, and learning how to manage our minds to manage our health, wellbeing and happiness.

Q Exchange ideas

  • Podcasting for health

    Validation of a structured intervention using podcasts in conjunction with clinician time to explore health beliefs to improve physical and mental health.

  • The British Society for Functional Illness

    To found a cross-speciality, interdisciplinary, digital community to breakdown silos and improve communication and support for the care of people with complex functional illness.

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