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Patient Safety Lead

Wayne Robson

NHS Improvement

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I am a former nurse consultant in critical care and for the past 9 years I have worked in and around patient safety working as a patient safety lead in acute Trusts and some time in nurse education where I managed to get EHF into the undergraduate curriculum.

My interest in EHF began with team training - promoting improved communication and situational awareness. I undertook the AHRQ TeamSTEPPS master trainer and I introduced TeamSTEPPS principles in the acute Trust I was working at. I managed to get a 15 minute slot on corporate induction for all new staff and to get some time in level 2 mandatory training for human factors.  I realise there is much more to EHF than team training - but that is an excellent place to start.

I am currently undertaking the PG Cert in Ergonomics with Derby University and this has really broadened my view of EHF and how it could benefit healthcare. I feel strongly that if the NHS is to embed EHF Trusts need to build capacity and capability in a meaningful way by investing in staff  undertaking PG Cert level and above recognised courses. Trusts need a EHF strategy which outlines their commitment to a long term plan to embed EHF. Universities need to do something similar.

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