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  • Vicky Taylor posted an update in the group Lean Healthcare 11 months, 3 weeks ago

    Hi everyone, i work at East Lancashire Hospital Trust as Improvement Practice Coach. The Trust has signed up to NHS Improvement vital signs program. The methodology used within this is based on LEAN and as a Trust we already use The Model For Improvement so are on a journey to learn how we use both (even though improvement methods are more or less the same) of them to compliment each other. I am interesting to learn from other on their improvement work and what they have been able achieve and how they did it.

    • Hi Vicky, it is Virginia Mason methodology? I work in a Trust where it’s been used for a while now, we have been adjusting it slightly over the last 12 months or so to meet the needs of the Trust. Happy to have a chat re what we have done, successes and learning….

    • Good afternoon Vicky,
      Great stuff embarking on Lean! Perhaps some words of caution when looking to use these methodologies: IHI Model for Improvement speaks loosely on how to embark on an improvement project through a structured method whereas the Lean is not a method, but a philosophy of identifying process wastes and continuous improvement, and creating a culture of continuous improvement. Lean focuses on identification of wastes to achieve quality, whereas the MfI focuses on how the structured method based on the scientific method used in academia.

      Depending on the outcome you would want to achieve as well as the scale of the project (complexity, resource, time, quality), you can certainly use interchangeably use both.

      I hope that helps, please do contact me if you would like to discuss this in further detail.

    • Vicky, Lean may be a philosophy and not a method but it does include some methods the key method being standardise work. This is key to the implementation of lean and continuous improvement. Standardised work would also make QI output a lot more sustainable. Have a look at