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I have a wide range of leadership, change management and organisational development delivery experience from both private and public sector.  I have proven success in the development of leadership capability, organisational effectiveness and improved customer experience. 
I am a coach, Lean Six Sigma trained and an experienced facilitator and trainer.
As the Head of Healthcare System Engagement and Solution Development at the East Midlands Academic Health Science Network I am responsible for the design and implementation of innovation exchange programmes.  These programmes follow the identification of specific areas of need to which innovative solutions can be matched.  They support the purpose of AHSNs to deliver improvements in health outcomes and patient experience, as well as promoting economic growth and wealth creation, through putting proven innovation into practice at pace and scale.
 As the Head of a Clinical Network I had the great privilege of working with a diverse range of health care professionals, patients and commissioners to improve access to and outcomes from health care services. 
 As a National Quality Improvement Lead, I worked with laboratory teams to reduce test result turnaround times, improve quality and safety and increase efficiency.  I also collaborated on the development of a leadership development programme which introduced improvement science to graduates of the Pathology Programme Board sponsored Leadership in Action. This programme evolved into one called Leading Transformational Culture Change, bringing together leadership development and improvement science into a single programme delivered to senior Allied Health Professionals across the North West.
 I am a qualified (ILM Level 7) Executive Coach and have worked with a diverse range of senior clinicians. 
 Before joining the NHS I worked in the same private sector financial services organisation for 20 years, latterly in Organisational Development Delivery, supporting managers to develop their leadership capability and their focus on customer experience.  I am a certified practitioner of Net Promoter Score and contributed customer experience expertise to a divisional review and restructure of services to domestic customers.

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