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Senior Improvement Advisor

Stu Kaill


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I love helping people at all levels, from all backgrounds get to grips with quality improvement and luckliy, I get to do that every day working for Aqua.

An 'AHP' by background (orthoptics), I came in QI in 2016 as a project manager for the Safer Salford programme at Haelo, moving to Aqua in 2017. Having worked clinically for 15 years, seeing so much to fix and never really feeling like it was in my gift to fix it,  I couldn't believe the difference in approach and mindset that QI inspired. I have never looked back.

Working in QI, I learn so much from so many amazing people every day and I'm here to connect with other Qs, help other learn and keep learning myself. I'm interested in QI methodology, facilitation, coaching, person centred approaches and safety. I can't wait to learn with you!

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