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Healthcare Concept Advisor

Shane Barry

Spacestor Healthcare

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Hi, I'm a Concept Advisor at Spacestor Healthcare and I'm here to help find the best solutions for healthcare transformation and improve healthcare experiences for everyone.

Our mission to help save lives by supporting healthcare providers in tackling waiting times. For over three decades we've innovated with some of the world’s leading companies from our research centers in London, New York & Los Angeles to refine workflow and increase outputs.

We believe in whole care solutions - care for consultants, staff and patients alike. Our areas of capability include rapidly-deployable temporary space, video consulting pods, project management and design-build construction and space planning.

Virtual consultations are rapidly gaining popularity, in part because the arrival of COVID-19 has highlighted the value of remote appointments, but also because the benefits of video consultations are finally being recognised, with significant improvements in both efficiency and patient care.

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