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  • Saskie Dorman joined the group Reimagining Health and Care 1 year, 3 months ago

    • Hi Saskie, good to see you here. Maybe you can say a little about yourself and what draws you to this group.

      • Hi Jane, thanks for the warm welcome. I work as a consultant in palliative care in Dorset, and am increasingly interested in how we can better understand what matters to people and communities – not just towards the end of life, but throughout life. I’m interested in different ways of working together and am keen to learn from and connect with others who have been trying new approaches.

    • That sounds very interesting Saskie. I’m working with a group in South Africa who are just about to go live with a new approach to palliative care . After decades of building the foundations South Africa is on the cusp of moving towards a more accessible system for all which means making scarce resources go a lot further. They are concerned to adopt ways of working that will enhance the quality of relationship between caregiver and receiver and in doing so enhance the quality of care and the wellbeing of care giver & receiver simultaneously. We are just starting to explore its potential relevance to the UK. Maybe we can swap thoughts and experiences sometime?