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  • Sarah Campbell posted an update in the group Understanding alternatives to traditional models of outpatients 9 months, 3 weeks ago

    Interested to hear if anybody is experiencing the rapid deployment of virtual consultations in outpatients? Is this stuff being captured/reported? Or just moving at pace?

    • We are capturing it in Torbay and South Devon – happening very very quickly. Liz Procter (fellow Q member) is keeping excellent project management documentation

      • That’s fantastic. Improvers coming into their own. I’m hearing the RCP has been asked to find a physician to blog on new virtual consultations. We have faculty in Torbay, so I’ll see if I can find a willing volunteer

    • I’d be really interested to hear this from both the physician point of view. I’ve just made my 1st appointment that will be done by phone and I am surprised at the anxieties that are attached to that already

    • Hi Katie – are you talking about your anxieties (if so, what are they) or patient anxieties? (again what are they)? I might then be able to give you a more focussed response


    • Hi

      I’m leading on the rollout of virtual clinics at Sheffield Children’s. Prior to the Covid, we had just commenced a project to implement this, but we’ve had to massively scale up our approach. In one week we managed to test virtual clinics and had around 80% success (though with very low numbers) using our existing videoconferencing platform, and we’re looking to roll out Attend Anywhere at pace. We’ve only just commenced this project, but we’re looking to deploy over the next few weeks. Happy to answer any more queries if I can.

    • Hi everyone,

      Last week we hosted a webinar on virtual consultations, with Prof Trish Greenhalgh sharing her research. Whilst much of the focus was primary care, there was a discussion about secondary. Some of the resources alongside the recording include the work that Barts are doing (as part of the HF Scaling up Programme). NHS Near Me in Scotland covers primary, outpatients and inpatients.

      We have just started a special interest group on virtual consultations. You can join the group here:

      Links here to the recording from last week with resources mentioned above –

    • We are rolling out video consultation using Attend Anywhere in Wales as a national programme and i am the national clnical lead for this roll out. Our Health Foundation project CWTCH has been used an exemplar for the role out and w ehave piblished some guidnace for the Royal College of Psychiatrists for using VC in CAMHS setting today