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  • Robin Davis posted an update in the group Delivering Virtual Training (#ConnectingImprovers) 6 months ago

    Thanks for setting up this group. We are rapidly developing a series of online workshops to support QI teams and deliver Qi training. I am also working on a series of Virtual QI Coaching workshops.

    • How is it going Robin? Any surprises or learning so far?

      • Key points so far:
        – Sessions need to be shorter, 3 hour maximum for online learning ( I think)
        – working in small groups goes well (zoom breakout rooms) but plenary discussion is trickier.
        – Chat boxes / Slido etc are key for engagement

    • I’ve found plenary conversations harder to manage, even in a small group. We have tried having visual hand-raising but that doesn’t always flow well.

      Chat boxes provide such a wealth of insight, I agree!

      I’m arranging our directorate away day at the moment (so this isn’t about virtual QI training), I have gone with a max of 3 hours and trying to work in 2 breaks, potentially a yoga desk stretch!