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  • Rammya Mathew posted an update in the group Primary Care 4 weeks, 1 day ago

    Hi All. I’m commenting in relation to @aartibansal‘s post below. This presents a really exciting opportunity for us as a SIG to collectively do some QI work (likely with a small amount of funding attached to it). I’m really keen on sustainability/ greener respiratory health as a topic for our first ever project, for the following reasons:

    1. I don’t think sustainability in healthcare has received the attention it deserves
    2. It’s an area where we can make high impact changes
    3. It’s a requirement that ICSs have a plan around sustainability, which will need to be developed in the coming year, and for primary care, this is likely to be centred around the use of MDIs – so whatever we produce, may align with this and could form the basis of further work at national/regional/ local level

    I really want us to use this as an opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of this network – in particular, how we can work with subject matter experts to ensure that evidence/policy is translated into meaningful action, through the use of QI.
    We ned to start thinking about how we do this as a group. How do we work together? How do we make use of this pot of funding fairly and effectively? What do we want our outputs to look like? How can we ensure that we have the impact that we want to achieve? How do we use this as a springboard to attract other external sources of funding, bring in more work and raise our profile as a SIG?
    As Aarti said, we are planning a co-design session towards the end of May, which will be an opportunity to discuss this further, but it would be good to start considering these questions ahead of then.