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  • Peter Dudgeon posted an update in the group Improving Improvement (Q Exchange project) 1 year, 11 months ago

    Hi Everyone,
    We’ve held our second workshop on the 19th of May. Thanks to all of those who joined in. We’ve learned a lot about virtually delivery, what works and what doesn’t and we’re grateful to those who have been involved in either this, or the first workshop. We’re now going onto the second phase of the work, where we’ll be supporting individuals to apply this approach to their own work areas. We’re in the process of actively following up with those who’ve indicated the desire and capacity to do this. However, if we’ve not recently contacted you, and you would like to get involved, then please let me know. Whilst we are finalising how this will work, the type of support on offer is likely to be as follows:
    • The opportunity to form an Action Learning Set; a core group of people connecting (virtually) either monthly or bi-monthly, to support each other as they are adopting the approach.
    • Single-topic short webinars delivered by the Royal Academy of Engineering, addressing the emerging development needs of those applying the approach.
    • Short bi-monthly webinars to discuss the toolkit, sharing lessons, but also (most importantly) providing feedback so the online toolkit can be refined.
    • Access to a series of bite size videos on Improving Improvement specific topics, which can be shared far and wide.
    *Light-touch coaching from The Royal Academy of Engineering
    So, if if the prospect of this excites you, and you can commit to being involved in the above, please contact me, either on the Q website or at