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Director, Cambridge Engineering Design Centre

John Clarkson

Department of engineering, University of Cambridge

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John Clarkson returned to the department in 1995 following a seven-year spell with PA Consulting Group's Technology Division. He was appointed director of the Engineering Design Centre in 1997 and a University Professor in 2004. He has been directly involved in the teaching of design at all levels of the undergraduate course.

At PA John was Manager of the Advanced Process Group where he gained wide experience of product development with a particular focus on the design of medical equipment and high-integrity systems, where clients required a risk-based systems approach to design to ensure timely delivery of safe systems.

His research interests are in the general area of engineering design, particularly the development of design methodologies to address specific design issues, for example, process management, change management, healthcare design, inclusive design and automotive design. As well as publishing over 800 papers, he has written and edited a number of books on medical equipment design, inclusive design and process management.

John is currently leading a team with the Royal Academy of Engineering, the Royal College of Physicians, The Royal College of Anaesthetists and the Academy of Medical Sciences to develop Engineering Better Care, a systems approach to health and care redesign and improvement.

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